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Start Your Engines

NC Maphia Bikers was founded back in 2016 for the enjoyment of our team to roam around the streets of Los Santos to cause chaos from selling illegal stuff and do our best to help all the departments of NC Maphia to keep the crew safe from harms way.

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All members if the biker team ar responsable for thie own bikes, but click here for your bike's customisations.


Our bike's are super fast tha most of us love to street race on them and we do love an audiance, so come and watch us.

Spare parts

You can customise your bike via Los Santos Customs or even via the garage within the Clubhouse. You choose. We are open.

Tire Sales

Our tires are top condition and they are bulletproof for you and your passengers safety. This is not optionable as it is a must.


  • The bike team is possibly the best department within NC Maphia as it is another department that works as a team to keep NC Maphia running and safe. NC Maphia Bikers is all about team work and that is what it is all about.

    Brian Johnstone

  • I was once part of the NC Maphia Biker Team and I must say that it was the best experience I have had. Unfortunately I cannot disclose to much info, but lets just say the biker team does not regret any of their decisions.

    Daniel Johnstone

  • NC Maphia Bikers might do some illegal stuff within Los Santos, but what the law doesn't know. Won't hurt them and that maybe not our motto, but it is the Biker's teams motto, so start your engines, because you won't get very far, when the bikers team gets you.

    Bradley Grosh


If you would like to know what our events are and when they are running, then please visit our Events Coordinators website for more information.