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about us

Who We Are

Welcome to the offical home of NC Maphia Bikers

NC Maphia Bikers was founded back in 2016 as an extra department to help with the daily running of all NC Maphia businesses, but not just for the businesses o no. We also help with the protection of NC Maphia as an escort for members of NC Maphia. If they require it. The Biker team as been part of the Maphia family since the biker update came part of the Grand Theft Auto Community, with our multi million dollar clubhouse, we can store, customise and repaire our bikes along with planning our next move. We ald recruitment events, but they are not for the public as you cannot just jump strait into this department. You must be a member of NC Maphia before we can recruit you into this department and you must have been a member for at least six months.

our team

Important Information

NC Maphia is basically like a family, we all pitch in and help each other out and we won't tollerate bullying. It is unacceptable and if you kill one of our members expect us to hunt you down and you'll pay the concequences we're a family, not a group, not a team. We work as a team but we're more or less a family don't mess with us.

our standards


Within A Pack

We allways travel in a pack, so it makes it harder for us to be defeated on foot or even on bikes.



You will notice us on the streets, because we allways wear our biker uniform as we are proud of who we are.


Start Your Engines

Our engines are always going as we very rarly get off our bikes unless we have too and that may be just to pop to the shop.